Brandon Boone

Freelance composer for film, podcasts and games

Featured Music

Video Game Scores

Slay the Princess, Black Tabby Games
Scarlet Hollow, Black Tabby Games
Scarlet Hollow Two, Black Tabby Games
Realm Weaver, Fool and Scholar productions (in development)
Ivy Likes Games, Con-Studio (in development)

Podcast themes and scores

Movie scores

Original score, Matryoshka (2019)
Original Score, Untogethered (2019)– DUST Channel
Original Score, Densmore (2019)
Original Score, The Christmas Visitor (2019)

About Brandon

Brandon Boone is an award-winning media composer from Cincinnati, Ohio. He is part of the Recording Academy member class and specialises in scoring film, podcasts, audio dramas and video games. Working across multiple genres, he writes atmospheric music in a variety of styles from orchestral to electronic.

In 2013 Brandon joined the multi-million download horror fiction anthology show The NoSleep Podcast. Brandon is responsible for the entirety of the show’s music, and has produced hundreds of hours of ambient, rich and layered music for each story on a weekly basis. He has toured with the show and performed live mulitple times in venues across America, Canada and Europe.

He has also worked on several award-winning movies, including Densmore (2019), Beneath (2017), and Matryoshka (2019).

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